LA-based mother-daughter duo Melissa and Rachel Meyers pose in CHARLES & KEITH LA-based mother-daughter duo Melissa and Rachel Meyers pose in CHARLES & KEITH

Mother-Daughter Team

This Mother’s Day, we sit down with LA-based mother-daughter team Melissa (@melissameyers) and Rachel Meyers (@rachel.leigh.meyers) to learn more about their working relationship and how they influence each other’s personal styles.

Hi Melissa and Rachel! We love that both of you often dress in matching outfits. What does that say about your personal styles?


We have similar personalities and tastes in clothing. We mostly wear classic pieces with a twist. Rachel dresses a bit edgier and I like to dress trendily but still look age-appropriate.


It shows how we wear the same clothing and love the same brands, but style them differently to fit our unique personalities.

How do you inspire or influence each other creatively?


Rachel shares pictures of her favourite fashion brands, designers and style bloggers with me on Instagram. She is one of my top go-to girls for fashion inspiration and she gives me styling ideas all the time.


My mom has been sharing her love for fashion and creative styling with me since I was young. She took me to New York Fashion Week, after parties, PR events, photoshoots and live tapings. She even dropped me off at fashion design classes after school! She has been a huge force and inspiration behind my passion for fashion.

Women’s strappy toe ring sandals and metallic push-lock shoulder bag, as seen on Rachel Myers - CHARLES & KEITH
Women’s metallic push-lock clutch and leather sculptural heel thong sandals, as seen on Melissa Myers - CHARLES & KEITH

How long have the two of you been working together? What is it like working together as a mother-daughter duo?


We started working together during quarantine. Rachel gave me so many ideas on how to create fresh content for my social media platforms. She also ordered a home studio set, lighting, and some new tripods for me! I think we have complementary skills so it has been a lot of fun exchanging information with each other.

What are the challenges you face working so closely together? How did you overcome them?


Both of us can be stubborn when we have a strong opinion about something. I do things at a slower pace than Rachel likes but we make compromises when working on projects together. I have the experience and Rachel brings a fresh perspective to the table, which makes working closely together a great overall experience.

Where do you source inspiration for styling and writing?


I usually turn to Instagram and Pinterest for visual inspiration and Who What Wear for writing.

What are some wardrobe essentials that the two of you cannot live without?

Melissa and Rachel:

Vintage jeans, t-shirts, classic black pants, boyfriend blazers, chunky boots, oversized sweats, slip dresses, trench coats and strappy heels.

Women’s metallic push-lock clutch, metallic push-lock shoulder bag, woven flat mules and square toe ankle strap pumps - CHARLES & KEITH
Women’s woven flat mules in chalk and square toe ankle strap pumps in black - CHARLES & KEITH

This Mother’s Day, what advice would you like to offer to all mothers?


Don’t sweat the small stuff… and it is mostly small stuff! Allow your children to express themselves openly and pursue a career that they are truly passionate about.


Nothing in life is a straight line. Be supportive of your child’s dream or passion – be excited with them and for them! Trust that we are making the right decisions to better ourselves and our career prospects.



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