Whether you’re an astrology fanatic or a casual zodiac believer, it’s always fun to find out what your star sign says about you. In this exclusive year-long editorial, we will be curating personalised style guides based on each sign’s unique personalities and defining characteristics to help you dress for your star sign and channel the right vibe. We might not know what the stars have in store for you at work or in love — but we see a very stylish year ahead.


When it comes to the fiery and passionate fire sign, Aries’s daring and direct disposition reveals itself through their bold and confident style. A natural-born leader of the fashion world, they can rock everything from bold silhouettes with sharp details to striking statement pieces. However, the Aries often gravitates towards accessories in their signature red shade for maximum style impact. Follow in the fire sign's stylish footsteps and swap your everyday heels for the tie-around d’Orsay pumps in bright vermillion for extra oomph.


Known for their openness and creativity, it’s no surprise that Pisces natives are masters at using fashion to express themselves. Constantly flowing between feelings, ideas and thoughts, this fluidity is reflected in the graceful silhouettes and oceanic shades they lean towards. Classics with a twist are staples in their style rotation. Pisces also enjoy accessories that look like works of art — such as the Gabine floral denim studded clogs — as they highlight the water sign's artistic side.


Free-spirited and unconventional, Aquarians’ quirky personality extends to an experimental sense of style. Expect everything from eye-catching designs, bold prints and vivid colours to feature in an Aquarian’s wardrobe, who would be a trendsetter in her own right — somehow, she can make just about anything work. Channel the vibe of this fixed air sign by switching up your sartorial choices. For instance, swapping your everyday bag for the neon pink Koa square push-lock bag and stepping out in the chunky Rubina slingback Mary Janes.


As an earth sign, Capricorns are known for being grounded, disciplined and ambitious. Practical accessories that will take them from desk to dinner effortlessly are a must-have in their wardrobe. To fully embrace Capricorn season, take the time to set intentions, make plans, and chase your goals. For fashion, this translates to reliable pieces that epitomise functional style, like the chic and comfortable Lenon stitch-trim Mary Janes and the timeless and sophisticated Cleona braided handle bag.

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