With an irresistible, fluffy textile, it’s impossible to ignore the memo on this season’s shearling trend. While shearling traditionally adorned the collars, sleeves, and linings of aviator jackets, today's interpretations extend to loafers and hobo bags, giving you more options to incorporate this chic texture into your wardrobe.

Soft Shearling Shoes

Keep your feet feeling snug and looking stylish with a pair of furry shoes from the Rosalie range. The contrast of beige with a bold black trim lends a distinct charm, while their neutral tones keep them versatile and understated. Whether you're into the Rosalie ankle boots, d’Orsay flats, or leather loafers, there's a perfect fit for everyone. Let them add a touch of stylish tactility to your look.

Fuzzy All Over

If you are all in for the shearling trend and ready to fully embrace it, reach for our ultra-furry bags that strike a wonderful balance between form and function. Two standout options are the Arlys tote bag and Ally slouchy bag, available in stunning jewel tones like burgundy and navy blue that will make a bold style statement. Plus, who can resist the allure of something so soft to the touch? Certainly not us.

All The Trimmings

On the contrary, if you've always been a minimalist at heart and prefer a more subtle approach to the trend, reach for accessories with charming tufted accents. Take, for instance, the iconic Charlot bag, now with a warm and fuzzy twist in the form of a delicate shearling detail on the front flap. It's the perfect piece to seamlessly integrate into your everyday look with comfort and style.

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