Drawing inspiration from contrasting textures and sensibilities, CHARLES & KEITH’s Spring 2024 campaign is a call to reinterpret expectations of your senses. Featuring designs that are influenced by comfort and self-care, this latest collection is a celebration of inner peace — it creates the perfect mind space from which to start the new year.

Silhouettes are soft, simple and soothing to the eye. Cosy terry cloth, knotted details and vivid hues refresh classic styles with a playful aesthetic that expresses spring’s exuberant spirit. This stands in sharp contrast to the clean brutalist shapes and lines of the collection’s more polished and structured pieces.

Vibrant green and bold fuchsia are the standout stars of the range’s palette, which is anchored by wearable neutral tones — including a buttery beige and soft pink tones — that bring a sense of deep calm.

The Petra bag, a cult favourite, makes a welcomed return for the season in neutral hues, shiny silver and on-trend denim. Other than the introduction of new colourways, the Petra family has also expanded beyond the signature curved shoulder bag to include a modern bucket shape that marries functionality and flair.

Another CHARLES & KEITH icon, the Perline tote bag, has been reimagined in an elongated rectangular form. This small-but-striking statement carrier can be worn on its detachable strap as a nifty crossbody bag, or held by its distinctive top handles for more formal occasions.

Add a punch of fun to your spring outfit with the bright-hued and light-hearted Loey textured shoes. Exude feminine charm with the slip-on knotted mules or the chic bow ankle-strap sandals in sweet bubblegum pink. To ace transitional style when you are between seasons, opt for the Loey ankle-strap platform pumps.

Contrasting elements are pivotal in shaping the striking aesthetic of the CHARLES & KEITH Spring Summer 2024 campaign collection. During the transitional spring months, when the art of layering is held in high regard, embracing contrasting colours, textures, and silhouettes will add depth and dimension to your ensemble.

Add a vibrant pop of colour to an all-black outfit with pieces like the green Loey knotted slides and pink Petra bucket bag, celebrating the return of better weather and an exuberant spirit. The Loey bags from the collection epitomise juxtaposition, featuring structured silhouettes and a soft towel-like texture that balances out their boxy design. Pairing this structured accessory with flowy flare pants or an elegant drape dress adds yet another dimension of contrast, culminating in a stylish everyday look.

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