Good Sport

A capsule collection of versatile athleisure shoes that you will want to wear every day

The athleisure trend has proven to be very resilient, in part due to its ability to continually refresh itself to maintain its appeal. Our latest sports-inspired capsule collection — made with recycled materials — blends new design elements, such as soft padded straps and smart square toes, with the classic athleisure aesthetic to create stylish, easy-to-wear shoes that you will find yourself reaching for again and again.

Hannah Leigh

Lifestyle influencer Hannah Leigh loves surfing, skate-boarding and being at the beach. Her active lifestyle demands that her footwear be easy-to-wear, comfortable and stylish. Our recycled polyester low-top sneakers tick all the boxes — featuring angular square toes and chunky soles, these classic-with-a-twist shoes have a youthful and quirky quality that makes them a lot of fun to wear.


Lace-up sneakers are a must-have staple in every woman’s shoe collection. To put a twist on this beloved gender-neutral modern classic, our recycled polyester low-top sneakers come with angular square toes that gives them a touch of masculinity. In an earthy beige, they will balance out the girlishness of a puffy babydoll dress, infusing the ensemble with a youthful and quirky quality that feels progressive and fun.

Alongside the hoodie and sweatpants, the white sneaker is one of the most iconic designs in athleisure. To retain the versatility of white sneakers yet achieve a softer, cosier mood, we have given our recycled cotton low-top sneakers a warm cream finish. Featuring round toe caps and contrasting light brown soles at the front, these neutral-toned lace-up shoes are a perfect match for a knitted sweater dress in eye-catching mustard.

The sports sandal has been a popular shoe style for a while now. Combining function and fashion, they are favoured for their ease of wear and are a great option for busy on-the-go days. Our recycled polyester padded sports sandals in black feature a crossover slingback design for a secure fit and thick white soles for visual contrast. Pair them with tailored pieces for work, or with denim for play — these chic monochromatic shoes will deliver however you choose to wear them.

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