Our favourite trendsetters demonstrated the power of accessorising by styling the Petra curved shoulder bag in their inimitable ways.


Scroll down to find out how fashionable women like Ganna Bogdan, Natasha Narrina and Wang Chu Ran have styled the Petra curved shoulder bag in their inimitable ways.

Han So Hee

As seen on actress Han So Hee, the much-loved Petra bag is back in stunning new colours — a refreshing bucket style has also been added to the family.

Han So Hee

Actress Han So Hee teams the Petra bag in white with an acid-washed denim corset dress to create a playful and edgy ensemble. The cool curved silhouette makes this accessory an irresistible statement piece.


Seen here on Lia, Ryujin and Yeji of @itzy.all.in.us, the Petra curved shoulder bag — available in five striking colours, including Yellow, black and white — is the must-have style of the season.


Jess Alexander wore the Petra curved shoulder bag in black to the Chet Lo Spring 2024 show at London Fashion Week.


The fashion blogger created a striking neutral-toned look by pairing her black high-slit maxi dress with eye-catching accessories. The Petra curved shoulder bag in silver added luminous shine, while the Loey platform pumps introduced a soft texture to the outfit.


The content creator experimented with different textures, bringing together a striking black-and-white furry coat with the plush texture of the Loey ankle-strap sandals. For a contrasting element, she let the denim finish of the Petra curved shoulder bag stand out against the monochromatic colour palette.


Chloe Frater played around with proportions for her take on the corpcore trend. She styled her oversized blazer with knee-high stockings and the Loey platform pumps to maximise the leg-lengthening effect. To pull the look together, she opted for the streamlined contours of the Petra curved shoulder bag in high-shine silver.


Channelling the office siren aesthetic, Edie Liberty Rose donned form-fitting silhouettes like a bustier top and tailored capris. For accessories, she went with the prim yet edgy profile of the Petra curved shoulder bag and let the bow details on the Loey textured sandals be the femme-chic finishing touch.


The model struck a balance between eclectic patterns and solid colours in her outfit by grounding her tweed coat and sheer green stockings with the Petra curved shoulder bag and Loey platform pumps in soft hues.

Rebecca Rhys-Evans

@rebeccarhysevans has mastered the art of layering. During spring in Tokyo, she effortlessly combined an oversized sweater with bold red leggings, softened by the addition of a romantic, see-through lace skirt. Completing her outfit with the Petra curved shoulder bag in silver, she infuses a sleek and futuristic element into her look.

Joy Montgomery

The commerce editor of British Vogue curated a casually cool daytime look ideal for spring. She skillfully layered a striped shirt underneath a utilitarian-style bomber jacket, pairing them with bootcut jeans for an androgynous edge. Accessorizing with the silver Petra curved shoulder bag, @joy_monty added a sleek touch of elegance to her overall look.

Ines Silva

The social media influencer is a master at the art of layering, skilfully combining a ruffled collar blouse with a sleeveless bubble dress and dark wash jeans to create a Y2K-meets-cottagecore aesthetic. She adds the perfect finishing touches to her eclectic outfit with timeless black accessories, such as the iconic Petra curved shoulder bag and new-season Loey textured knotted mules.

Maxine Wylde

Maxine Wylde has always embraced dressing with bold colours. Staying true to her style personality, she crafts a striking pink ensemble with the Loey textured bow ankle-strap pumps. The Instagram influencer takes it a step further by accessorising her outfit with the metallic silver Petra bag, adding a touch of brilliance that elevates her monochromatic ensemble to greater heights.


The model demonstrates that the Petra curved shoulder bag in metallic silver possesses the ability to instantly dress up and elevate any look. She pairs hers with an oversized knit sweater and lace skirt to create an effortlessly stylish outfit with a touch of feminine flair.

Irene Lu Yu Xiao

Irene Lu Yu Xiao is another one of the many influential trendsetters spotted with the metallic silver Petra curved shoulder bag. Once again, she demonstrates the elevating power of the Petra — it makes her laid-back combination of an oversized cardigan and denim jeans look intentionally polished, exuding effortless style.

Dana Evans

The digital content creator crafts a stylishly eclectic look, striking a balance between a masculine preppy aesthetic and a charmingly feminine one. She combines a shirt and tie with tailored shorts, pairing them with the Loey bow textured ankle-strap pumps and baby blue knee-high socks to create an unconventional yet irresistible ensemble.

Wang Chu Ran

Actress Wang Chu Ran let the yellow Petra bag shine as the star of her outfit. This compact mini shoulder bag, inspired by classic '00s bags, features striking hardware and a beautiful curved silhouette.

Ganna Bogdan

Using the yellow Petra bag as a snug crossbody and completing her outfit with the outstanding woven buckled d'Orsay platform pumps, content creator @ganna_bogdan transformed her casual city look into a head-turning ensemble.


Content creator @linmick elevated her preppy-esque outfit by accessorising with the sleek Petra bag and chunky-heeled woven buckled d'Orsay pumps which she paired with pristine white socks for a youthful aesthetic.


Content creator @martinapompeiano created a quietly dramatic look with an over-sized blazer, our woven buckled d'Orsay platform pumps and the ultra-chic Petra bag, proving that less is indeed more sometimes.


Content creator @reneeebeller makes a quiet statement in an all-black look — the stylish details and striking silhouettes of the woven buckled d'Orsay platform pumps and Petra bag make her stand out in all the right ways.


To create a polished and sophisticated ensemble, Laura-Bettina Klinger skilfully matches the colour of her Petra bag with her Pixie shoes. Their icy blue hue captures the winter chill, making them must-have accessories for the colder months.


All-black outfits are an easy way to achieve an effortlessly chic and expensive look, a fact wellknown to Ivona Zupet. The content creator ensures that her outfit remains striking, accentuating it with the eye-catching Petra shoulder bag and Pixie platform mules.


Bridget Brown injects vibrancy into her all-black ensemble with the striking addition of the Petra curved shoulder bag in red. This bold accessory makes a powerful fashion statement, lending depth and intrigue to her outfit.


Tade demonstrates the perfect pairing of the Petra curved shoulder bag and Pixie platform mules in her outfit. Her incredibly sleek and ultra-chic all-black ensemble is timeless and sophisticated.


The tall, striking, and comfortable Pixie mules empower Adriana Mora to take confident strides. To add a vibrant pop of colour to her ensemble, the content creator skilfully incorporates the Petra curved shoulder bag in glacial blue into her outfit.


Mikaela Neaza Silver embraces the suit and tie aesthetic too, choosing a long column skirt for her bottom piece instead. She completes her outfit with the Petra bag and Pixie mules in white, creating a striking visual contrast that makes her stand out.


Giorgia Malerba adds a touch of femininity to the classic suit and tie ensemble by pairing it with the Petra curved shoulder bag and Pixie platform mules. This combination strikes a perfect balance between playful and formal.


As seen on Izi Angus, the combination of platform ankle boots with a matching black maxi skirt can create a leg-lengthening effect. The stylist completes her elegant and polished look by accessorising with the sleek Petra bag.


Content creator Ashley Choi wore the edgy ankle boots from the CHARLES & KEITH x Henn Kim 'Heart Is Every Wear' collection. She added a stunning pop of colour to her outfit with the Petra curved shoulder bag in light blue.


@cececce_ put together a sleek, and sophisticated all-black outfit, featuring an elegant fur-trim jacket, a maxi skirt, and the Petra curved shoulder bag. She broke up the monochromatic ensemble with a hint of white, courtesy of her stylish sunnies.


Singer Nancy Mcdonie arrived at the grand opening party with the Petra curved shoulder bag in white. She also decked out in the Pixie furry platform mules for a chic and cosy look.


Georgia May Jagger was spotted in CHARLES & KEITH. The British model turned heads at the 2023 Serpentine Summer Party in a chic little black dress, perfectly complemented by the beloved Petra curved shoulder bag. To inject a vibrant burst of colour into her look and create a captivating visual contrast, Georgia completed her outfit with the Celestine sculptural strappy sandals in a dazzling shade of bright berry pink.


Music artist @maika797 put together a quirky outfit with a red plaid dress, matching short-sleeve jacket, and the Petra curved shoulder bag in contrasting blue.


Opting for a chic monochromatic look, @kayla_ce accessorised her printed co-ord with the sleek, elegant, and versatile Petra curved shoulder bag in white. It perfectly complements the modern, artsy aesthetic of her outfit.


@laurahwclx's edgy personality is evident in her choice of outfit. The content creator adorned a stylish black ensemble with the Petra curved shoulder bag in a deep burgundy shade, creating a dark and moody aesthetic.


To achieve a trendy look with the Petra curved shoulder bag, take inspiration from model @jesspurchase's stylish ensemble. Embrace Y2K vibes by pairing it with a toga top.


@llolaclark made a bold statement on the streets of London in Chet Lo’s distinctive designs. The content creator completed the ensemble with the Petra curved shoulder bag in a coordinating shade of blue, elevating her standout style even further.


The fashion influencer reached for our Petra curved shoulder bag in burgundy, adding a rich pop of colour to her impeccable white outfit.


Yunseo Kim has perfectly mastered the model-offduty look with her casual yet chic pairing of a shirt and jeans, topped off with a stunning statement bag like the Petra curved shoulder bag.


Visually striking, the Petra curved shoulder bag in bright yellow — as seen on model Jiny — will be the highlight of any outfit.


Fashion content creator @cestclau added the perfect finishing touch to her casual off-duty outfit with the Petra curved shoulder bag in burgundy, demonstrating how it is ideal for everyday wear.


Layering a black mini dress over a crisp white shirt, content creator @narrinanatasha blends edgy elements into her feminine outfit with the woven buckled d'Orsay platform pumps and Petra bag.