Perfect Balance:

Mixing Styles With Pernille Rosenkilde

The Danish influencer creates three distinctive looks with her eclectic styling.

My name is Pernille Rosenkilde and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I love our gem of a (small) big city. I am a stylist, influencer, creative spirit and big-time vintage lover. Some little-known facts about me are that I spent a lot of time learning to rap the Nicky Minaj verse of Kanye Wests mega-hit Monster, I am really good at catching balls, and I have a really hard time keeping plants alive.

My personal style is actually all about balance. Even though it may sound weird coming from me, but I am not a big fan of more is more is more. If you see me in sequins, you will often see them matched with old PJ pants. If I wear a feathery jacket, I will never match it with high heels and a lot of makeup but tone it down with a sweatsuit. So, balance is key if you want to be bold but still be low-key cool.

My boyfriend thinks that I dress like a hybrid of a kindergartener and an old lady, and I think it is a pretty good description. I like to play around with my outfits like a child. I am not too serious about it and just dress the way I think would make me happy. In general, I think older people dress so nicely — they have a different perspective and I think we can learn a lot from that. One of my biggest style icons is Iris Apfel, because she makes a real effort to express herself through fashion — yet, she dresses like a child would, without boundaries and restrictions.

If I have to choose 3 items to build a foundation for a bold wardrobe it would be:

  • The perfect loose-fitting boyfriend-style white T-shirt
  • A pair of light blue striped PJ pants (preferable vintage)
  • A good sweatsuit to style up and down


I think “creative and experimental” describes my style very accurately. For me, it is all about happiness. Getting dressed in the morning should be a fun thing and the outfit you wear during the day should make you feel good and maybe put a smile on the face of someone on the streets. In this outfit, I love the mixing of materials and colours.

The bouclé and little pearly flower detail on these Houndstooth Flower Embellished Slingback Mary Janes make them stand out. The yellow and green tones are lovely, and the white T-shirt makes it a little less formal, and a little more cool and casual. This look is perfect for Saturday brunch.


Normally, I would never describe my style as classic and modern, but from time to time I love putting on a great tailored suit — never in black though, as wearing all black makes me feel a bit sad. However, a good suit in pink or beige is a great way to create a classic and modern look without it becoming too boring if you are someone who loves colours. When putting on a suit, I like it to have long straight legs and not be too narrow. I also always prefer to match it with a classic white T-shirt.

These days, I have a big soft spot for brown and beige tones. Combining these colours in this look with the Stitch Trim Saddle Bag and Square Toe Ankle Strap Pumps makes the final outfit look really cool and classic, with a contemporary twist.


Living in Copenhagen and cycling everywhere, dressing in a comfortable and relaxed way is important to me. One of my favorite go-to looks is a classic PJ. I wear it with everything — from heels and big earrings to classic lace-up sandals on a summer day. Life is too short to be uncomfortable, so feeling at ease is everything.

I can see myself wearing this look on any occasion. The Tie-Around Espadrille Flats are a true classic that could actually work with any outfit imaginable. You will never regret buying a pair of espadrilles, I promise.

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