With a pleasing curved silhouette and a dainty compact body, the Sonnet chain handle shoulder bag is perfect for travelling light. Its two-tone chain detail gives it a distinctive and glamourous vibe - it will elevate the simplest of everyday outfits while giving more elaborate ensembles a touch of refined elegance. Available in a trio of failproof neutral shades, it also comes in impossible-to-miss fuchsia for those who enjoy being in the spotlight.

You can still be bold with colours without wearing bright hues. Rich jewel tones like deep purple and cobalt blue are striking without being flashy. We paired these beautiful shades with a fun and trendy see-through caged design to create the Madison slide sandals. Offering comfort and convenience, these light and airy summer sandals would always make a big impression, whether you choose to dress them up or down.

Now that the warmer months are here, it is time for the barely-there shoes to shine. Minimalist strappy sandals will always be in style during summer. The Electra toe-loop heeled sandals look sharp, modern and chic, especially when paired with our graphic top handle shoulder bag in matching blue. Whether in graceful grey or fiery red, the Electra thong sandals, with their eye-catching toe embellishments, are simple yet statement-making.

Sky blue and pristine white are reminiscent of fine sunny days - these clean, refreshing colours reflect the carefree spirit of summer. Our strappy knotted thong sandals, featuring quirky blade heels, hint at a nautical inspiration that brings to mind days spent by the ocean. The sleek yet unusual shape of our white thong mules give it a futuristic allure.

Colour-blocking is a great way to inject visual interest into your outfit. The Aiden canvas half-moon bag and Shalia canvas moon bag both feature contrasting neutral-toned panels that make them stand out while remaining understated. Chunky chain straps add a youthful and fashion-forward element to these sophisticated bags.



Stylist and creative director Emili Sindlev creates a quirky and eclectic look with pink and purple. Wearing a sports jacket with a flower motif with baby pink trousers, she completes her outfit with the Sonnet chain-handle shoulder bag in brilliant fuchsia and the purple Madison caged see-through slide sandals — which she wears with pink printed socks.



Digital creator and stylist Eve Lily is known for her bold, colourful and impossible-to-miss personal style. She accessorises a puff-sleeved, voluminous pink dress with our fun and trendy Madison caged see-through slide sandals in deep purple. To make these eye-catching jelly shoes stand out even more, she wears them with graphic socks for a playful look.



With a dramatic flair for fashion, Emma Winder’s outfits are always creative and vibrant. Leaning towards a retro ’70s aesthetic, she steps out in a tie-front printed shirt and matching orange flared pants. To keep her look in the present, she pairs it with the blue Madison caged see-through slide sandals and Sonnet chain handle shoulder bag in white.

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