Young And Free

On warm spring days, reach for light and airy sandals that are fun and comfortable to wear

Cosy Feet

Putting on sandals after a long cold winter can feel truly liberating. Even if it is not quite sandal weather yet where you are, you can still get an early start by pairing strappy shoes with cosy socks. In pristine and eye-catching white, our Nadine strappy platform sandals look trendy and preppy when worn with calf-high black socks — their chunky soles promise a stable stride.

Bright Kicks

As the days get warmer, you will may feel an urge to wear brighter colours. Start transitioning from the solid neutrals of winter to the fresh hues of spring from the feet up — bold, striking footwear can add an invigorating visual element to a monochromatic outfit. Our strappy cleated sole sandals in orange and Nadine strappy platform sandals in blue are must-have shoes this season that will make a big impression.

Easy Wear

Slip-on flat sandals are loved for how comfortable and versatile they are. In addition to being the go-to choice for casual off-duty days, these easy-to-wear shoe styles can also be paired with dressier outfits for a charmingly insouciant and contrasting effect. Ground a voluminous maxi-dress with the Lilou toe-ring sandals, or wear wide-strapped sandals over sheer white stockings to create an understated but visually striking look.

Striking Shapes

Other than bright colours, unconventional shapes and details can make a pair of shoes stand out. Square-toed shoes are trending not just for their distinctive form, but also for the comfort and stability they offer. Our toe ring stacked heel sandals feature clean lines that make them look modern and chic, while the Alex tie-around thong sandal is a stylish contemporary update of the iconic ‘90s shoe style.

Confidence Of Youth

Featuring fashionable thick soles, our latest strappy sandals possess a playful and youthful energy that is perfect for spring. These open and lightweight designs reflect the warmth and freedom of the season — their brightly coloured finishes will put a bounce in your step.

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