Soft Power Dressing

Create relaxed and comfortable work outfits with our carefully curated accessories

Power dressing looks a little different as of late. We have adopted a more relaxed and comfortable way of dressing – even for the office. The days of wearing movement-restricting suits, pencil skirts, and high heels to display strength and authority are gone. Relaxed tailoring, soft silhouettes, and casual shoe styles are all perfectly work-appropriate, as long as you wear them with confidence and personality.

Relaxed Tailoring

Slouchy silhouettes, such as oversized blazers and handkerchief skirts, exude comfortable elegance. To create a polished look with these outfits, style them with a pair of classic pointed-toe pumps. Pick them in colours close to your skin tone to give the illusion of longer and slimmer legs.

Menswear Inspired

Menswear has a huge influence on power dressing for women. Therefore, accessories with masculine elements are a fine choice for creating outfits that command attention. For instance, you will always look smart in a pair of chain-embellished loafers. If the office dress code allows, add a pop of colour to your workwear wardrobe with our chunky-soled sandals for a seasonal style update.

Neutral Hues

When in doubt, stick to a neutral palette. You can still make a powerful statement with these understated colours by dressing in them from head to toe. Add structure to your work outfit with tote bags in striking shapes and complete the look with neutral-toned shoes that will complement everything in your wardrobe.

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