CHARLES & KEITH Winter 2011 collection reinterprets conventional forms of femininity and sensuality with masculine industrial sartorial aesthetics and redefines modernity with the bygone Seventies era.

Go on a jet set escapade in the frosty season with androgynous colours of utilitarian olive, earthly brown hues, all time classic whites and contemporary black, reshaping styles of femininity with fine tassels, minimalist structural block silhouettes and oxford classics. Feel the warmth of faux shearlings, caress the opulent texture of satin and suede in the midst of the chill as fashion reinstates.

Trumpeting the fashion demeanor transitions with CHARLES & KEITH Winter 2011 collection where artesian detailing, voluminous platforms and rich textures bring you on flight to new territories of fashion.

Androgyny takes centre stage with the Gender Bender Collection as masculine sartorial makes its way through ground breaking debonair accents. Classic menswear aesthetics of strong, clean lines, lace-up, oxford detailing loafers and boots demonstrates a paradox of reserved austerity and femininity. Reinterpret sensuality through mannish palettes of black, brown, grey and dark blue with a touch of defiant coolness and self-assured confidence.

Take flight on a spectacular voyage on autopilot mode with aviation inspired elements of the Industrial Collection which laced feminine touches with industrial connotation ruggedness which is accented by warm cognac, monochromatic and utilitarian olive green. Buckle up in full metal hardware, shearlings and tough soles boots which are meant only for the free spirited adventurer.

Arrive back to the bygone era of seventies where the minimalism parade of clean sleek structural lines, blockish silhouettes with 70's Redux Collection where luxe opulence reigns with nonchalant style of the retro times. Succumb to the fondness of mixing surprising hues of old school navy blue, striking mustard, rich crème caramel and unique textures all in one ensemble. Tassels and fringes, wooden wedges and sturdy blocks speaks of a refined elegance and nostalgia made contemporary.