MARCH 2011 - Summer 2011 looks set to be an exciting season. Modernist Resort and Mod Revival are the drivers behind the collection. Be expected to see a resurgence of romantic crochet as part of the look; solid forepart platforms along with variations of blocky wedge and espadrille.


Summer takes a more playful mood, putting joy and optimism into fashion accessories. In contrast to the maximalist looks, the materials such as straw weaving and details continue as the decade of choice, however, comes a quiet focus on modern minimalism. The season's color palette is worked in flat planes of color with clean lines and defined detailing, and raffia proves as one of the important material direction.
Be expected to see camel, white, beige and grey as key colors channeling the sense of enjoyment and ease.


The "cultural decade" fashion is upon us once again. Why would it make a comeback? It's classic. The collection ticking off the entire key looks, from chunky, rivets to colors. Real strength was in particular high-heel, clog-style shoes. The decade also informs several of the season's significant accessories' structures – think miniature, iconic satchel, duffel and backpack for feminine aesthetic looks.
Vintage brown, camel, mustard yellow and old gold paired with various color combination manifests itself with a modern twist.


Straw, lace, cork, denim, fabric, suede.

Bag: Backpacks, clutches, cross-body bags, drawstring bags, hobo bags, oversized tote bags, shoulder bags, structured handbags.


Circle, oval, rectangle and square.

Eyewear: Classic linear detail frames, sophisticated aviators.


Footwear: Platform wedges, heels, ankle straps, gladiators, sandals, slingbacks, slip-ons, strappy, t-bars.
Bag: Sling bags, satchels, mini carries, drawstring bags, basket totes, clutches, backpacks.
Eyewear: Classic frames, aviators.
Belt: High waist, mid waist belts with braid, chains, weaving details.


Brown, camel, mustard, yellow, cream, nude, off white, sand, taupe, white.