Styling Summer Bags

With Lydia Tomlinson

The fashion YouTuber reviews and styles her favourite pieces from our Summer 2021 collection

Our braided bucket bag and embellished saddle bag take the spotlight in this video. In a bright and sunny yellow, Lydia thinks that our braided bucket bag is “a really easy way to inject some colour” into an outfit. In contrast, she finds that our embellished saddle bag is the “perfect addition to any girl’s wardrobe” because of its understated cream finish. She paired both pieces with a classic t-shirt and jeans combination to create easy and stylish daytime outfits.

In this video, Lydia Tomlinson reviews our mini chain strap bag and acrylic chain handle crossbody bag. Both of them feature chunky acrylic chain straps that lend a fresh, modern appeal to the designs. To the UK-based fashion YouTuber, the former “offers versatility in spades” whereas the latter “stands out because it’s so unusual and unique”. She styles both of them with monochromatic outfits to pull off a chic and refined summer aesthetic.

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