"Experiment with colours. What can you possibly lose? A wise woman once said that there's a power in looking silly and not caring that you do."
"I knew that I wanted to get into the industry after attending a fashion show in Paris. I was so excited about seeing the models."
Tell us about how you got into fashion.

Tracy: I was studying journalism at New York University back then, getting into fashion just seemed like the natural thing to do when you live in NYC.

Yuwei: When I was studying in Paris, one of my friends got an invitation to a fashion show and asked me along. I was greatly inspired by everything and that helped kick-start my interest in fashion.
What was your big break?

Tracy: My official start was an internship at Refinery29. My boss was the one who pointed out my penchant for colour blocking. So, when I needed a blog name, ColorBlocker came right up.

Yuwei: After graduating from ESC Paris, I decided to start my blog. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the blog picked up and sat well with fellow fashion lovers.
Has living in New York/Paris influenced your style?

Tracy: Without a doubt. I like to experiment with colours and I’d like to think I got it from the streets of New York.

Yuwei: Paris has definitely influenced my style. It is the most important aspect of my fashion life.
Lastly, what’s next for you, or where is your next travel destination?

Tracy: I look forward to travelling to Peru and Turkey.

Yuwei: For business, my next destinations are Shanghai, Paris, Milan and Beijing. But I really want to travel to Iceland and Mexico.


Tassel Detail
Shoulder Bag

Suede Bootie
Knee High
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