Estevez & Belloso

Maria Molina

Hair & Make-up
Maria Garcia

Julia Kuzca
A heroine embarks on a voyage of validation, seeking it not from the outside world but herself. It's an intriguing moment that she relishes in.
To quote the modern psychologist Ciarán Mc Mahan, "People are using external validation on social media for a reason. We need to examine what is messing at the heart of people."
Layers after layers of facade are torn down with each glimpse that she takes of herself in the mirror, exposing a state of vulnerability that is characterised by soft pastel shades. A glimmer of hope for her self-discovery journey exists in the form of shimmery finishes on stripe patterns that add a touch of splendour to the otherwise understated collection.
Featured in this editorial are the leather glitter criss cross sandals, contrast heel leather sandals, asymmetrical leather mules and leather half moon clutch from the CHARLES & KEITH COLLECTION.