Introducing #IAMWHOIAM, a campaign that explores talent and style, empowering individuals to live vicariously and embracing what sets them apart.

The campaign features profiles of dynamic and passionate individuals, each representing a theme they love—namely Art, Design, Motion, Music, Fashion, Film and Photography.

Incredibly bright and approachable, Sisilia Piring is a fashion photographer, digital influencer and content creator from Los Angeles. The lively mother of two has an extensive portfolio that boasts some of the top names in the industry. Her love for photography sparked off after she was given a digital camera at 16 years old and was obsessed with taking photographs since then. It all started as a hobby but Sisilia was fuelled with passion and decided to pursue it as her full time career in 2010. Often seen in relaxed silhouettes, Sisilia possesses a minimal style and sets herself apart through her simple yet edgy ensembles.


1) Please introduce yourself!
Hi there! My name is Sisilia Piring. I am a fashion photographer and content creator from Los Angeles. I’m currently obsessed with making videos for my newly made YouTube channel. Love roadtrips shooting film on my time off, and prickly plant babies.

2) Share with us a pet peeve that you have!
Being a tomboy in grade school, one of my pet peeves was when people freak out & scream over spiders or bugs.

3) At what age did you own your first camera? Was it your prized possession at that point of time?
I had a film camera back in 8th grade for a photography class. This is back when we were still shooting film, but it wasn’t until I was 15 or 16 that my dad gave me a digital camera and became obsessed with taking pictures.


4) Describe the most significant photo that you have taken and why it left such a deep impression on you!
I don’t think I have one that is more significant than the other, but all of the photos I take of my family are my most prized as it’s a slice of time I can look back on and smile.


5) What has photography taught you? Photography has taught me to be step out of my comfort zone. Most of my shoots involve a team of at least 5-8 or more depending on the project. Being an introvert means stepping out of my comfort zone, to not just observe as I naturally do, but to also engage with my team & model.

To thoroughly communicate the ideas that I have in my mind and convey it in a way that everyone can understand. When I first started photography, I photographed my friends, so they were already like me and I didn’t have to coach them to tell them what I’d like them to do.

Now, when I work with a model, I have to remember that they can’t read my mind and I have to be more verbal and give more directions. That was so hard in the beginning. Now, it’s easier through practice and the number of shoots I’ve done.


6) What do you consider when planning an outfit?
First thing I take into consideration is the occasion and the weather. It’s the deciding factor mostly for which shoes and purse I’d wear.

7) If you could raid anyone’s closet, whose would it be?
The Olsen twins are the first to come in mind. I love how adventurous they are with their style. It’s fun and not so serious.

8) How does your mood affect your outfit choice?
I think my mood affects my outfit choice greatly. If I’m feeling more laid back that day, you will definitely see me in jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes. If I’m feeling a bit flirty, a dress or skirt. Most of the time I’m pretty laid back, so it’s always t-shirt and vintage Levi’s jeans.

Zenobia Zenobia


Based in Norwich, England, Polly Fern is an illustrator and ceramicist. Incorporating a touch of vintage into her wardrobe, the bubbly artist embodies feminine elegance and wears colours which are often seen in her paint palette. She draws inspiration for her whimsical illustrations through local stories and keeps a playful atmosphere to her works with a nostalgic sense of childhood. Working on ceramic objects enables Polly to explore illustrations unusually, communicating her ideas through a more physical and playful way, which she finds integral in this digital age.

1) Tell us more about yourself and the close relationship that you share with your canaries.
I am an illustrator, ceramicist and canary keeper – I have three named Olive, Morris and Pickle. I got a canary when I began working from home as I thought it would be nice to have company as working from home can be lonely. I didn’t know then, what a strong relationship we would develop! A few weeks after I got Ernest the canary, I woke up to find he had laid an egg (oops!). The egg later became Olive. I thought it was only right to let her have chicks (as she was broody), therefore we got Morris and then along hatched five tiny chicks! It was crazy when we had all the canaries as they would fly around my studio together. I love photographing them alongside my work.

2) As an artist, you work with colours everyday, could you share what is your favourite?
My favourite colour palettes change all the time depending on what project I'm working on. But I would have to say that blackened, light pink is a constant colour that is seen throughout my works. I find it so versatile and it complements beautifully against so many other colours. I also wear the colour a lot and combine it with a burgundy or an emerald green. I find it works as a great base colour to build a palette from.

3) Do you have lucky paint brush/ art tool that you have and cannot live without.
I have a collection of tiny paintbrushes that I cut down from larger brushes. I treasure them and have used them for years. I can never seem to find the perfect replacements!

4) Describe an art piece that you are really proud of!
A large ceramic dome I hand built and painted with cobalt blue oxide, exploring the childhood of a local garden story. Every time I have a leftover paint palette, I like to use it up and create a quick painting!

5) What do you think makes your style so distinctive?
I think one of the things that makes my style distinctive, is that I have an appreciation for simple, everyday stories that people might just brush past, but they capture my thoughts and I then turn them into something of interest, of which captures some people’s attention and imagination.


6) What was the weirdest outfit you have worn?
I don’t dress too ‘out there’. But the weirdest outfit I have worn would probably have been this jumpsuit that had some rather overwhelming shoulder pads paired alongside some quirky Vivienne Westwood heels!

7) If you could only pick an outfit to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?
My linen culottes jumpsuit as it’s so versatile and comfortable! It’s really light so it can also be worn in Summer with sandals, Winter with textured wool layers, or dressed up with heels and a belt.

Zenobia Zenobia


Monica Moraru is an artist and photographer who was born in Romania but has lived in Toronto most of her life. Her beautifully curated instagram feed makes one feel as though they were looking at a different world through her lens – a pastel one filled with ethereal hues of pale pink and creamy yellows. Besides her keen eye for unique compositions, the talented artist has a quirky style to boot. Her appreciation for light pastels is reflected strongly in her outfits and is often seen in drapey oversized clothes and japanese-influenced silhouettes.


1) Could you tell us more about yourself!
My name is Monica Moraru, and I am an artist and photographer from Toronto, although I was born in Romania. I am looking to have my first solo show early next year, and to publish my first small-run photo book, which i’m very excited about ^_~

2) When did you first discover your passion for art and what sparked it off?
I’ve been making art ever since I was very young — I was always drawing and painting as a child, but never considered it as a possible career path until I graduated school.

3) Describe an art piece that you are really proud of.
The piece I am probably most proud of so far is the last one I made in my final year at school. It is a long printed paper hung off a grid frame, and it represents a digital compositional collection of all the marks I made throughout the pieces I exhibited in my final thesis exhibition.

4) What parts of your personality can we see from your artworks?
Art is a reaction to the world around us. I believe that through my work you don’t see so much my personality as you can gain insight into the way I interpret the world around me, and respond to the issues that affect me as a person and an artist.


5) Describe your style.
My personal style is a quirky mix of a lot of my different influences. I love wearing color, especially light pastels and bright primaries, as well as drapey oversized clothes and japanese-influenced silhouettes. I also like monochromatic outfits and 70s inspired looks.

6) Is there a style that you always wanted to explore but never had the guts to do so.
I’ve always wanted to wear thigh high boots — they turn anything you wear into such a strong and powerful look, but I haven’t had the guts to pull it off yet.


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