Introducing #IAMWHOIAM, a campaign that explores talent and style, empowering individuals to live vicariously and embracing what sets them apart.

The campaign features profiles of dynamic and passionate individuals, each representing a theme they love—namely Art, Design, Motion, Music, Fashion, Film and Photography.

Linda Hao is a music DJ who first laid her hands on a CDJ when she was 18 years old. Influenced by Indie music parties, music makers in both international, local scenes and fashion events, Linda further moved on to DJ at mostly fashion events. Linda sets herself apart by being a chameleon of different styles.

1. Can you introduce yourself and share an interesting fact about yourself?
Hi my name is Linda, I was born in Shanghai and moved to Singapore when I was young. Apart from being constantly in sync in music, I do have a domesticated side of me that not everyone is fully aware of! I love to cook at home; it gives me a therapeutic feeling.

2. When did you start to DJ and what makes your style so distinct?
I was 18 years old when I first laid my hands on a CDJ with my best friend Grace, who used to be my DJ duo band partner in crime – TWOFACE. By then, both of us already love Indie music parties and we just wanted to learn something new. Hence, we asked Roy (founder of Canvas, old Home Club) to teach us (just for fun) out of club hours, as we were frequent Home Club goers back then.

It just started quickly from there, we DJ on monthly party nights and fashion events where people started enquiring about us. We went on and I continued on even after we unofficially disbanded... I guess what is distinct is the fact that I love dressing up and I just want to provide music with good vibes and it just so happens to suit fashion events perfectly!


3. What was the very first record you owned?
Well I think the first cassette tape that entered my life was from a Taiwanese singer, Mavis Fan. I guess that was when I first learnt how to enjoy and dance to music.

4. Could you describe more on your music influencers and how they have inspired you?
During the time when I first started to DJ, I think Crystal Castles, Digitalism, Justice and The XX had a huge influence on me because that was where I learnt the new fresh genres of music and I simply got addicted to more.

When I first started going to parties in Singapore, the old Butter Factory was the only place to be. It was so much fun and I loved the Indie nights where it was Clash The Disko Kids. Since then, I've surrendered myself to all music makers!

5. Can you describe the outfit you would usually be seen in when you DJ?
It used to be really loud. But as time goes by, I started to tone down with lesser bright colours and patterns.

6. If I weren’t a DJ I would be a ________?
Painter! Being a painter enables one to have their creativity juices flowing and it is also a form of self-expression.


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7. If you could raid anyone’s closet and have their clothes, who would it be?
Chloe Sevigny! She is such a fashion inspiration, known in the mid to the late nineties for her status as a fashion impresario and “It girl”. What could be more alternative than having vintage tuxedo and tiger-print turban in a wardrobe?


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8. How will you describe your style?
I am a chameleon of different styles! I love to mix and match my clothes along with different textures. I don’t exactly follow trends, as I feel it isn’t an expression of myself. Through my style, my very own persona could be seen and it is distinctive!



Teresa Lim is a well-known illustrator and an embroidery artist in the design field. Her works are showcased in exhibitions and fashion shows around South-East Asia. Her personal design philosophy is to fuse three of her interests together: illustrations, embroidery and surface pattern design. People in her life, books and her experiences inspire most of her designs, which she loves to capture and share.


1. Can you introduce yourself and share a distinctive and unique trait that sets you apart from everyone else?
I’m an illustrator and an embroidery artist. I am obsessed with what I do, I love telling stories with threads and yarns, I love seeing textures and colors form around my illustrations. Apart from being in touch with my artistic side, I also spend a lot of time reading and playing the violin. A unique trait that sets me apart would be that I am a very curious individual, I love to ask questions about everything and anything! For example, like how the world works, why and how certain things happen and questions about life.

2. When did you first discover your passion for art and what’s the inspiration behind your designs?
When I started drawing, I was free to express my thoughts and myself the way I want through my illustrations. It slowly grew as my passion as I was allowed to be myself. Most of my designs are inspired by people in my life or experiences I went through that I want to capture and share with my audiences. I’m passionate about using my works as a platform to talk about issues, such as self-esteem of young girls growing up in this digital age and era where we’re in.


3. Describe an embroidery piece that you are really proud of.
There isn’t any particular piece, I’m proud of all of them! I put in the same effort and passion into every piece that I work on. It’s like how a mother can’t choose only one favourite child of hers.

4. What is an art tool you cannot live without?
A pencil. It is the beginning and materialization of all my thoughts and ideas.

5. How will you describe your style?
My personal style is rather quite basic. I prefer not to spend too much time thinking what to wear as I would prefer to use that creativity in my work. On most days, you’ll be able to find me in a pair of jeans, a shirt and either in sneakers or sandals. But once in awhile, I do enjoy injecting some fun into my outfit!


6. Is there a style that you always wanted to explore but never had the guts to do so?
I love the 50s! With the vintage dresses and pin-up hairstyles! The styles can be portrayed as sexy, fun or flirty depending on how you wear them.



Marisse is a creative and strong visual individual who has a natural flare in the things she do. Having a strong diversified background has set herself apart from most people that she knows. Apart from being a photographer, she continues to engage herself with advertising campaigns with her clients from the retail scene.


1. Can you introduce or describe more about yourself and share a distinctive and unique trait that sets you apart from everyone else?
My name is Marisse Caine and I am an artist born and raised in Singapore. I am of Indian, Chinese, Filipino and Spanish ethnicity. I guess you could say that alone sets me apart from most people I know because of the diversity of my heritage. I was also raised by a single mother who is a writer and a jazz musician but to put it simply, I am a very happy person.

Photography has showed me how the light when it falls on your face it can warm a heart, how the different shades of colour on different kinds of texture can control our moods and most importantly, the concept and value of time.
Photography has showed me how the light when it falls on your face it can warm a heart, how the different shades of colour on different kinds of texture can control our moods and most importantly, the concept and value of time.

3. Could you share with us an instance where you did something crazy or went all out just for a photograph?
In my series entitled “Temporary Insanity”, my best friend Manuela and I took our clothes off in the school library and I convinced two of my friends to take their clothes off in an aisle of a supermarket.

4. With the popularity of social media and the endless editing apps and tools which are easily available, it seems like everyone can easily be a photographer. Do you feel that it’s true and do you think it also affects your profession as a photographer?
I guess you could say that the climate of photography has changed, rather than it being easy to be a photographer. More seasoned photographers have to learn to adapt and will realise its benefits. It does affect me commercially but I thrive in adversity, or how else will we grow? Personally, it doesn’t affect me as a photographer. I believe that a photo created out of the love for photo-making should always hold intent, as true photography is an art form.

5. What parts of your personality can we see from your photos?
Maybe that I am obsessive when I’m curious about something, spontaneous with my days, sensual with nature, eccentric in my interests and that I’m goofy.

6. How would you best describe your style?
My style is intangible because it is experiential, experimental and pretty personal. I like to photograph things depending on the nature of the light and how I feel during that time of the day. I gain inspiration in the process of my work through experiences.

7. If you could raid anyone’s closet, whose would it be?
I would raid Anna Wintour’s closet because she has been with Vogue since 1988 and she would’ve seen through all the different cycles of fashion. Hence, she would most likely own the most interesting pieces by creative and meticulous designers.

8. Is there a style that you always wanted to explore but never had the guts to do so?
No, because I always try everything I want to try at the right time.