Make it your most fashion-forward year.
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Make it your most fashion-forward year.

New Year resolutions: easy to make, hard to keep. We have all been there, haven’t we? But if there’s one type of resolution that is rather fun to explore, it’s a wardrobe reinvention.

If you feel like you’ve been stuck in a fashion rut, or simply want to take your style to the next level, we’ve got four easy-to-keep resolutions you can adopt in 2020 to make this your best year ever. Scroll through to find one you can experiment with today.

#1 Get the most out of your outfits with accessories

What we love most about accessories is that they can be styled to suit the occasion. Your go-to earrings or a pair of tinted sunglasses has the power to streamline or spice up your outfit, depending on your mood. Accessories add textural interest, breathe life into old ensembles and are so versatile you can wear them repeatedly.

#2 Try a bold trend (or two)

Tired of playing it safe? Dip your toes into the maximalism trend with vivid colours. A great way to stand out in a sea of basic hues and neutral tones, our fluorescent-yellow mini saddle bag and shocking Schiaparelli-pink pointed toe mules exude a sassy street-wear vibe. Just ask content creator Yan Yan Chan, who recently styled our hi-vis hues collection.

Another must-try this year: the sculptural trend. Whether it’s a gilded architectural chrome heel or an elongated saddle bag, it never hurts to add an artistic touch to your outfits for instant visual punch.

Lastly, pile on the prints – snakeskin, croc-stamp or tartan checks – these eye-catching patterns are the answer to taking you one step out of your comfort zone and into guaranteed sartorial success.

#3 Shop sustainably, dress fabulously

If you haven’t “gone green” with your fashion choices, now is the time to do it. Jump at the chance of looking and feeling good with ‘4WARD’, our first knitted sneakers collection made from breathable bamboo, renewable algae and water-based glue. The fact that they come in stylish designs is an added bonus. It’s one giant leap to reducing your carbon footprint and embracing a future that’s better for people and the planet.

#4 Fall in love with flats

2020 is definitely the year for flats, so take them off-the-clock and into your regular wardrobe rotation. Reimagined with striking chain details, nifty buckles and pretty buttons, our collection of slide sandals, ballerina flats and loafers offer an elevated combination that says “poised” and “pulled-together” whenever you slip into them.

Feeling inspired to reshape your fashion? Us, too. Here is to new beginnings, and an updated wardrobe. Happy New Year!