NOVEMBER 2011 - An initiative destined to make an impact. CHARLES & KEITH launches its latest project of upcycling vinyl street banners into specially-designed tote bags. The initial concept redefines the environmental motto of "reduce, reuse and recycle" to reimagine a different use of these banners before they are produced with a view to transforming them into something entirely new and stylish.

"CHARLES & KEITH is proud to have the opportunity to collaborate and work with the President's campaign team and UN Women," said Charles Wong, Chief Executive Officer of the Group.

Developed in collaboration with the President Tony Tan's campaign team, the bag interiors are made from the actual campaign banners used in July this year. Each piece is an unique creation as the interiors of each bag is different. This project aims to combine the aesthetics of the bag- the minimalistic duo-tone structure and the functionality of used vinyl banners while keeping its focus on reducing the impact on the environment. Fashioned with a new life, slight imperfections are due to the natural characteristics of the banners with each piece unique.

A spokesman from President Tan's campaign explains "We were delighted to collaborate with CHARLES & KEITH from the start of the campaign and are grateful for their ingenuity and creativity. We were conscious that campaign material is often in use for only a short while, but the design and development team at CHARLES & KEITH has given the banners a "second life."

This exclusive project also partners CHARLES & KEITH with UN Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women. The organization, which has previously collaborated with CHARLES & KEITH, symbolizes the company's commitment in raising awareness on women's rights and assisting women in the region by providing access to education, healthcare, economic independence and a life free of violence and abuse.

In this collaboration, banners were collected after the election by President Tan's campaign team and every bag is individually tagged and packed by UN Women. The bags will be available at all CHARLES & KEITH retail stores in Singapore from December 2011 in three colours - white, black and snakeskin mustard. Part of the sale proceeds will be donated to UN Women.

Together, let us raise the bar to be more environmentally and socially conscious. Begin the UPCYCLE fashionably.