“I have always loved music but the industry just wasn’t for me. I was not happy with the process and kept looking forward to the future for happiness instead of living in the present. I had to make a choice and let go of that passion.”
Scroll through Quigley’s (née Casey Carlson) Instagram feed and you will find square after square filled up with the fashion blogger’s highly infectious megawatt smile, along with her signature bold brows that could rival Cara Delevingne.
Although she was born and raised in Minnesota, Quigley’s sunny disposition is a perfect fit for California, where she is now happily settled. Perhaps, her contentment stems from the knowledge that she does not need to have it all to be satisfied. Before Quigley ventured into the blogging world, she was pursuing an unfulfilling career in music.
Equipped with refreshing candour and a positive attitude towards life, Quigley’s bohemian chic style mirrors her free-spirited personality. Looking forward to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival herself, Quigley is in an upbeat pre-Coachella mood.
We speak to her to learn more about the synergy between fashion and music from her unique perspective.
You are a musician who has started making waves in the fashion influencer scene in recent years. Can you describe why you decided to commit more fully in your role as a style leader, and how the transition has been like for you?
It is part and parcel of growing up – your dreams will change and evolve. Since I decided to blog full time, I have not been happier! I get to be my own boss, make art that I am passionate about and reap what I sow. It is such a joy to be in this industry, and there is not a day that goes by that I am not extremely grateful.
In just two years, you went from having 2,000 to 80,000 followers on Instagram. Why do you think so many people are attracted to your feed, and how have you engaged your followers to grow your community so rapidly?
I think the key to my growth has been creating genuine relationships not just with my followers, but also with other content creators. Instagram is first and foremost a community, so if you focus on establishing real connections, the magic will naturally happen.
Your passion for music and fashion is plain to see. How has your work in these two creative fields shape you as a person. And in your opinion, in what ways are music and fashion similar, and in what ways are they different?
As I approach my 30s, it is interesting to see how my parents’ passions had shaped my identity. On one hand, my dad wanted to be a musician and would always play his guitar to sing me to sleep. On the other hand, my mum was in fashion school (although she eventually dropped out to become a flight attendant) and we would play dress-up together for as long as I can remember. Ultimately, music and fashion are really about passion and individual expression. I would love to use both to encourage people to nurture their relationships with themselves so that they can be bold and daring when they are creating.
Coachella is not only where music lovers go to for great sounds, but has also become a street style haven where the fashionable gather to see and be seen. As a trendsetter, what are some of your style essentials for the event this summer, and why do you think these CHARLES & KEITH accessories that you have chosen would be great companions for music festivals?
I am very excited about summer and its colours. This trend has me on cloud nine because it gets people thinking outside of the box in terms of colour pairings. For example, people are starting to pair bold shades with pastel hues, or primary colours with secondary ones. It really is “art-teacher chic”, which is my fashion motto.
Secondly, we are witnessing a ‘90s throwback in the world of music. I think people are craving a sense of nostalgia as a result of the insane political and social climate at the moment. This trend is also reflected in fashion: Spice Girls style is back and athleisure glam is so hot right now.
CHARLES & KEITH has a lock on both of these trends!
If you have to put together a playlist to define Summer 2018, which songs and bands would be on it – and what are the reasons behind your picks?
1. ’Make Me Feel’ by Janelle Monáe because I am a Minnesota girl at heart and this song channels Prince in all the right ways.
2. ’Want You Back’ by 5 Seconds of Summer because this is the epitome of what a good Summer pop song should be.
3. ‘My My My!’ by Troye Sivan because Troye is brilliant. This song could make me melt.
4. ‘Friends Don’t Make Out’ by Muki because this is the kind of music that I would be making if I were still making music.
5. ‘Not A Love Song’ by Bülow because this girl is one to watch!


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