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Representing a new generation of women who are conquering the streets of the Middle East with their style and poise, Jewel and Nisa talk about their love for fashion with CHARLES & KEITH below.


How would you describe your style?

Jewel: Modest yet modern. I like to dress according to the occasions that I am celebrating or the places that I am going

Nisa: Simple, feminine and easy-going.


What is the one fashion item that you cannot leave the house without?

Jewel: My tote bag, because it is spacious enough to fit all my necessities.

Nisa: A handbag!


How has your style evolved over the past five years?

Jewel: Sneakers were my go-tos, but I have been trying to wear heels more often. Also, I have always been a minimalist but my wardrobe has seen a recent injection of colours and prints.

Nisa: It has remained pretty much the same.


Do you think it will change again in the next five years?

Jewel: Definitely. I regularly update my wardrobe to keep up with current trends.

Nisa: I believe that style is something very personal that you are born with, so I don’t foresee it changing much in the next five years.


What is the one thing that you would happily splurge on?

Jewel: Shoes, always shoes.

Nisa: A good pair of stilettos.


If you could swap lives with a fashion figure for a day, who would it be and why?

Jewel: Karl Lagerfeld for sure. He is an undisputed fashion legend and I would love to experience his visionary creativity, even if it’s just for a day.

Nisa: Olivia Palermo. I grew up observing her style and have always been inspired by her.