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Leisure travel may be on hold indefinitely, but that does not mean you cannot dress for a vacation. Let your creativity and styling skills take you places – whether you are longing for a luxurious city break or a sun-drenched beach holiday, create outfits that will capture the essence of your dream destination with curated accessories from our Holiday 2020 collection.

Beach Break

For those of you who love to kick back by the beach, accessories with a resort chic aesthetic – such as strappy sandals and woven bags – are the ones to reach for. They will evoke beautiful images of white sand beaches and pristine blue waters.

Winter Wonderland

If you love the cold and hate the crowds, a gorgeous and luxurious holiday cottage is your ideal getaway. From a pair of platform ankle boots to a quilted backpack, deck out in our cosy-chic accessories to mimic the warm feeling of snuggling up by the fireplace.

Urban Life

London, Paris or New York City – you can never be over-dressed in these dazzling cosmopolitan cities. Accessorise with elegant stiletto heels and statement bags to experience world-class restaurants, upscale shopping and vibrant nightlife in impeccable style.

Tranquil Oasis

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, desert destinations are a unique warm-weather escape. Pay sartorial homage to their vast and magnificent landscapes with neutral-toned accessories – from heeled mules to sculptural bags, they exude understated elegance.

Tropical Paradise

Dreaming about heavenly places that are warm all year round? Dress up in chic and brightly-coloured styles, such as our strappy heeled sandals and scarf-embellished tote bag, to be transported to these Instagram-worthy hotspots instantaneously.