It is the time of the year again when the world unites to make a statement on protecting the environment. In honour of Earth Hour on 31 March, Saturday at 8.30pm, CHARLES & KEITH will join the global movement against climate change through the simple act of switching off non-essential lights in all stores island-wide for an hour, pledging their support for the energy-saving campaign.

The spirit of Earth Hour continues through CHARLES & KEITH social media platforms, where the brand website – – will go on a darker shade from 21 March to 04 April as a form of reminder to conserve energy and going the extra mile in preserving and protecting the planet. The brand website also spots a new interactive mode where visitors are able to show support for the initiative and the environment by clicking on the pledge tab.

The brand's new focus on an interactive approach through social media sites will create a stronger awareness of the urgency to care, protect and preserve the planet we all live in for the online community. Everyone has a stake in being in sustaining the environment and can choose to be socially conscious through simple acts of conservation of energy by reusing, reducing and recycling.

A proud advocate for Earth Hour, CHARLES & KEITH conveys the message of responsible environmental actions through our physical stores and creating positive buzz amidst the brand's social media platforms.

Visit and CHARLES & KEITH Facebook to pledge your support.