JANUARY 2015 - In the continued effort in making the brand more relevant to the contemporary market, the predominantly leather upper, sophisticated CHARLES & KEITH SIGNATURE LABEL will be officially reintroduced as CHARLES & KEITH COLLECTION as an extension to CHARLES & KEITH line with the launch of Spring 2015.

The brand’s strategy has always been about keeping up and perfecting, and not simply reinventing the brand. As opposed to rebranding, this reintroduction focuses on reinforcing what CHARLES & KEITH stands for today.

Expect the focus to be on experimental designs with statement constructions.
CHARLES & KEITH COLLECTION will offer a compilation of both iconic and classic designs that stays close and relatable to the trends of CHARLES & KEITH line of the season.

This approach serves to reiterate the significance of design to the existing group of customers by offering more experimental and iconic styles, at the same time also maintaining a range of
quintessential products.

The change in logo maintains the CHARLES & KEITH signatory, but is updated as CHARLES & KEITH COLLECTION to reflect the modernity of the revitalized identity.

Old Logo